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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasen Hadjitodorov

Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Yasen Hadjitodorov


“HIGH-TECH IMS” LTD is one of the leading organizations in Bulgaria in the field of national security and defence. Team of scientists and specialists of the company, working in various fields of the engineering sciences, has a long-years experience in creating, development and manufacturing of high-tech security and defence systems and products.

Company activities

“HIGH-TECH IMS” LTD activities in the field of security and defence are connected with creating, development and manufacturing of high-tech products and systems for:
  • Protection against invasion by water, air and land
  • Counteraction to terrorist operations
  • Modernization of existing defence products
Main products
The main defence products of IMSETHC are:
  • Products and systems against invasion by water
  • Family of sea mines (anti-invasion mines, bottom mines, diversion (“Limpet”) mines)
  • High-tech underwater fuses for existing explosive devices and mines
  • Underwater anti-diversion devices
  • Underwater grenades
  • Hydro-acoustic management systems
  • Mine-laying equipment
Products and systems against invasion by land and air:
  • Family of anti-tank mines
  • Family of anti-helicopter mines
  • High-tech fuses for existing anti-tank mines
  • Remote controlled ignition systems
  • Armors for light and heavy armored vehicles
  • Means for personnel individual protection
Products and systems against terrorist action:
  • Systems for protection of harbors against underwater and surface terrorist attacks
  • Guard systems for protection of important sites and border areas
  • Means for protection of helicopters against RPGs
  • Family of hand grenades for terrorists catching and hostage saving operations
  • Equipment for explosive devices detection
  • Means for individual armor protection of anti-terrorism units officers

Company profile – prospects


HIGH-TECH IMS LTD. is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.


High-Tech IMS LTD

High-Tech IMS
67, Shipchenski prohod Str.,
1574 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359/2/46 26 200
Mobile: +359/882 405 042

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