The Bulgarian Arms

As long as six thousands years ago in the lands of our ancestors skillful craftsmen made exquisite gold and silver treasures still arousing admiration, forged sharp swards and made tough shields. Not only the mythic Orpheus lived in these lands but also the glorious Spartacus mastered the art of battle here using arms made by the talented ancient craftsmen.

Historical fact

All successes of Bulgarian warriors from the foundation of Bulgarian state in 681 on were assisted by the merits of Bulgarian arms.

Idea exchange forum

The Bulgarian Defence Industry Association – acad. Stefan Vodenicharov (BDIA) is a non-profit legal entity. It is founded in 2004 by twelve companies leading in the branch and is aimed to serve as a forum for exchange of ideas between the state bodies and the defensive industry for resolving the problems of the branch and its steady development.

The Association aims at forming an “united voice” of the Bulgarian defensive industry on the matters of modernization, defensive industry policy, the offset policy and the policy for procedures and procurement for the defense and the safety of the country, the scientific researches and the technological development. BDIA will work for the progress and consolidation of the branch for resolving the problems of the defense and safety of the country.

In the interests of the development of the defence industry

We keep contacts and cooperate with the Bulgarian state bodies and with our partners as well as with related associations from the country and abroad in the field of the defensive industry and technologies; we acquire and spread information concerning the state policy and procedures for defense and safety procurement, the scientific researches and the technological development; we support the activities of the state bodies in the safety sector aimed to development of the defensive industry. Carrying out its aims our Association arranges national and international meetings and conferences, spreads abroad information about its activities and the capabilities of its members and forms program directions in functional fields.

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