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Dr. Dobrin Ivanov

Dobrin Ivanov


TRANSMOBIL Ltd is a private company founded in 1994 in Sofia. The company focuses on trade with products and technologies for military purposes. Employees and consultants of the company are people with considerable experience in both industry and the military. This enables us to analyze and solve problems in all their complexities and according to the needs of our customers.

TRANSMOBIL Ltd is officially licensed by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for trade in Military Equipment.

Main products
We are specialized in the following fields:
  • Trading with military equipment, weapons, ammunitions, machines and equipment for military production and military technology.
  • Engineering solutions, analysis of the condition of ammunition with long shelf life and utilization.
  • Repair and modernization of heavy armored vehicles and tanks.
  • We develop, finance and offer our own engineer solutions for production of artillery ammunitions.
  • Production of RPG-7 Rounds with high efficiency including grenades with high-velocity kinetic striking elements and cumulative-thermobaric grenades.
    Transmobil Production base: “Transarmory” Ltd, City of Sopot.
  • Production of shell-bodies with calibers ranging from 60 to 155 mm and a length of up to 700 mm. Mortar bomb-bodies with calibers from 60 to 120 mm.
    Transmobil Production base: “Khan Tervel” factory, City of Tervel.

International activity and expertise
We are working in cooperation with a number of Foreign Government Structures and Companies. Our goal is to provide top quality goods to our clients and to achieve long term relationships. Our expertise is internationally recognized due to many years of experience in the field of military production and trade.



Transmobile Ltd.

13, General Parensov Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359/2/439 6508
Fax: +359/2/439 6509

[email protected]

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