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Krastyu Krastev
Executive Director


Terem SHC, Sofia was structured as an economic entity comprising the military-repair factories of the Ministry of Defense and providing repair and overhaul of military equipment for the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The company is 100% state participation.

At present the company has 6 daughter companies performing repair, overhaul, modernization and logistic support of:
  • aviation equipment – aircraft, aircraft engines, helicopters and aircraft service equipment
  • ship repair – ships, armament and equipment for the Navy
  • armoured equipment – tanks, track and wheeled armored vehicles, heavy and light trucks, jeeps, coaches and manufacture of spare parts
  • small arms, light weapons, artillery weapons, missiles and ammunition
  • radar and communication equipment
The daughter companies are as follows:
  • “TEREM – LETETS” EOOD, Sofia, whose activities are repair and overhaul of aviation equipment (helicopters)
  • “TEREM – OVECH” EOOD, Provadia, whose activities are repair and overhaul of vehicles and armored equipment
  • “TEREM – KHAN KRUM” EOOD, Targovishte, whose activities are repair and overhaul of armored equipment and manufacture of spare parts
  • “TEREM – KRZ FLOTSI ARSENAL” EOOD, Varna, whose activities are repair and overhaul of ships, armament and equipment for the Navy
  • “TEREM – IVAILO” EOOD, Veliko Tarnovo, whose activities are repair and overhaul of classical artillery and missile weapons, destruction and demilitarization of weapons and missile systems
  • “TEREM – TZAR SAMUIL” EOOD, Kostenets, whose activities are repair and utilization of ammunition

Besides meeting the needs of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, by means of the available production capacities and the existing staff the company also performs export of repair and overhaul of armament, equipment and spare parts. It manufactures machine-building products for civil use and is an example of successful business in the field of supply and maintenance of weapons and equipment for the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

Main products

“TEREM” SHC is a sole leader on the home market of the Republic of Bulgaria regarding repair and overhaul of armament and equipment for the National Security System. “TEREM” SHC is the only company in this country possessing the required production capacity and qualified staff for performing these activities.

Thanks to its capacities for repair and overhaul of aviation engines and aircraft, the company occupies serious positions regarding their overhaul on the international market.

“TEREM” SHC owns production equipment which is unique for Bulgaria (flexible automated manufacturing systems, multicoordinate processing machines, erosion machines, clean rooms) and which guarantees high-performance technology of overhaul and spare parts production.

The company, its daughter companies are certified under ISO-9001; ISO-14001; ISO-18001 and AQAP 110.

In compliance with the requirements of the Classified Information Protection Act are ensured the necessary conditions for safe-keeping and protection of the classified information in “TEREM” SHC and in its daughter companies.

The democratic changes in the Republic of Bulgaria and the country’s membership in NATO urged the necessity of substantial cuts, restructuring and rearmament of the types of armed forces and placed new requirements regarding quality and capabilities of the Army.

Everything mentioned above also has an impact on the activities of “TEREM” SHC, which is an economic entity entirely created for the purpose of meeting the needs of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and hence being strongly dependent on these needs. Regardless of the difficulties of the transition “TEREM” SHC together with its daughter companies manages to meet the new requirements set by the Ministry of Defense and to successfully find its place and continue to develop.

Since 2003 the company has actively been involved, and jointly with foreign companies, in programs for modernization of armament and equipment of the Bulgarian Armed Forces:
  • modernization of “BTR-60PB” armored personnel carrier
  • modernization of MT-LB
  • modernization of field workshops
  • modernization of Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters

From the late 90s, “TEREM” SHC has successfully been participating in programs for destruction, utilization and demilitarization of surplus armament, ammunition, anti-air systems and equipment of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

Along these lines several projects, part of which were financed by Programs of the United Nations and the US State Department, have been fulfilled:
  • utilization of anti-infantry mines
  • utilization of small arms and light weapons
  • utilization of SS-23, “Frog” and “Scud” missile systems
Technological capabilities:
  • Design, assembly and testing of electronic components and coil winding products
  • SMD and conventional assembly of electronic components
  • Precise mechanical parts production
  • Aluminum casting products
  • Tools design and manufacturing
  • Machining and pressing of metal products
  • Production of plastic and rubber products
  • Galvanic coating and lacquering
  • Design and manufacturing of ferrite, piezoceramic and steatite ceramic products

In this connection we are working for the enlargement of the utilization production capacity of the company strictly observing of the relevant ecological regulations.

The capacity of the company and the production qualification of the staff outline “TEREM” SHC as the only organization in Bulgaria which is capable of taking upon itself a large part of the activities regarding maintenance of the complicated weapon systems having been in service with the Bulgarian Armed Forces, their repair and logistic support – tasks which have traditionally been fulfilled by the regular staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, but after reducing the number of the above staff, these tasks should be transferred to the trade companies through the so-called “out-sourcing”.

The leaders and the staff of “TEREM” SHC are aware of the challenges provoked by the changes and the requirements of the new economic conditions and are taking the relevant management decisions for successful business regarding the main activities of the company – provision and maintenance of weapons and military equipment for the needs of the national security of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Company profile

Daughter Companies of Terem SHC

Vrazhdebna, Sofia 1739, Bulgaria
tel.: +359/2/942 16 25
fax: +359/2/945 60 19
e-mail: letec@terem-letec.bg
website: http://letetz.terem.bg

TEREM – HAN KRUM EOOD, Targovishte
31, Alexander Stamboliiski Str., po. box 112,
Targovishte 7700, Bulgaria
tel.: +359/0601/494
fax: +359/0601/666 96
e-mail: office_xk@mail.bg
website: http://www.terem-xk.com

Provadia 9200, Bulgaria
tel.: +359/0518/2141/45
fax: +359/0518/422 78
e-mail: ovech@mbox.contact.bg
website: http://provadia.terem.bg

po. box 135, Varna 9000, Bulgaria
tel.: +359/052/814 410
fax: +359/052/814 400/401
e-mail: krz-fa@krz-fa.com
website: http://www.krz-fa.com

TEREM – IVAILO EOOD, Veliko Tarnovo
po. box 151, Veliko Tarnovo 5000, Bulgaria
tel.: +359/062/600 796
fax: +359/062/623 527
e-mail: contacts@ivailo.com
website: http://www.ivailo.com

1, Han Asparuh Str., Kostenets 1030, Bulgaria
tel.: +359/07142/32 01
fax: +359/07142/32 01
e-mail: office@terembg.com
website: http://kostenetz.terem.bg


The company and its daughter companies are certified according to ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 and AQAP 2110.


Terem SHC

Terem SHC
Stanislav Dospevski Str., Build.40
Levski-G Housing Estate, Sofia 1836, Bulgaria
Tel: +359/2/946 5957
Fax: +359/2/946 5585


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