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„TEREM – HOLDING” EAD is the successor of the MoD department “Military repair facilities and factories”. Its main purpose was to answer the needs of the Bulgarian army regarding repairs, modernisation and spare parts production for armament and equipment.

Currently “TEREM – HOLDING” EAD has five subsidiaries, each with its own origin and development:
  • “TEREM – LETEC” EOOD, Sofia, established in 1947 as an aircraft repair workshop. Since 2004 the factory has been registered as a commercial company with main activities in overhaul and repair, modernisation and extension of service life between overhaul to different types of aviation equipment.
  • “TEREM – Han Krum” EOOD, Targovishte is the successor of the military repair factory “Zavod 17” (founded in 1966) with main activities in repair of vehicle engines, tank overhaul and repairs, as well as production of spares, modules and components for armoured vehicles in service in the Bulgarian army. The factory changed its name to “Han Krum” in 1969. In 2019 “TEREM – Ovech”, Provadia, a former independent company in the holding, merged with “TEREM – Han Krum” EOOD.
  • “TEREM – KRZ Flotski Arsenal – Varna” EOOD is founded in 1897 with the aim of shipbuilding, overhaul and repairs of military vessels of the Bulgarian Navy. It possesses the statute of special purpose port. For its 125 year of operation it had created and accumulated considerable technical and technological experience and know-how in ship repairs, shipbuilding, reconstruction and modernisation of special and civilian vessels.
  • “TEREM – Ivailo” EOOD, Veliko Tarnovo, has been operating as a military repair factory since 1953. The company is specialised in repair, modernisation and transformation of armament and equipment, as well as in utilization of weapons, ammunition and pyrotechnical products.
  • “TEREM – Car Samuil” EOOD, Kostenec started its first operation line in 1928 with a military section for storing artillery ammunition in the close vicinities of the town of Kostenec. It became a part of “TEREM – HOLDING” EAD in 1998.
    The company is specialised in the production and repair of special production, production of smoke grenades of different types and sizes, industrial explosives, and wheelbarrows for warehouse operations.
Main products

“TEREM – HOLDING” EAD is the leader in high quality repair, production, modernisation and logistic support to equipment and armament in the field of defence industry. The company is the only owner of the necessary industrial capacity, as well as qualified staff in the relevant fields.

Overhaul of Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, their modifications and their components and units.

  • Production of spare tools and accessories (ZIP)
  • Production of a wide range of spares for the repair and modernisation of engines and components
  • Production of gear boxes, reduction gears, transmission components and modules, systems and components for the modernisation of armoured vehicles and their civilian analogues
  • Production of spares for overhaul and modernisation of T-54, T-55, T-62, T-72 and T-72M tanks
  • Production of spares for overhaul and modernisation of armoured vehicles as MTLB (all modifications) and BMP
The separate production “OVECH” of “TEREM – HAN KRUM” EOOD:
  • Mobile field workshops
  • Household containers
  • Furniture production
  • PVC windows and doors
  • 20 ft transport containers
  • Specialised in shipbuilding, ship repairs and reconstruction of military and commercial vessels
  • Production of elements, machine details and spares for ship systems and equipment
  • Training equipment: 23 mm inserted barrel for:
    – MT-12 100 mm antitank gun (2A29);
    – 122 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S1 “Gvozdika”;
    – 152 mm D-20 gun-howitzer;
    – 152 mm ML-20 gun;
    – 152 mm self-propelled gun 2S3;
    – 130 mm M46 gun;
    – 122 mm howitzer M30, and others.
  • Training equipment: PUS-7 for RPG-7 and PUS-9 for SPG-9
  • 122 mm rocket launcher PU-2M
  • 23 mm self loading inserted barrel for T-72 tank
  • Car mount with adaptor for 14,5 mm KPVT machine gun
  • Mount for 12,7 mm DSKM machine gun with device for precise aiming
  • Universal tripod with mount for 14,5 mm KPV/KPVT machine gun
  • Universal tripod with mount for 7,62 mm PKT machine gun – model SPMKT
  • Mobile field workshop
  • Offensive imitation hand grenade RGN-IM
  • Defensive imitation hand grenade RGO-IM
  • Small smoke grenade with neutral white smoke DM-11
  • Large smoke grenade GDS-5
  • Hand smoke grenade RDG-2 (white neutral smoke)
  • Intermediate detonator type “Booster-T”
  • Production of pressed forms of explosives, black powder and pyrotechnic mixtures
  • Complete set for 80 mm NAR S-8KOM-BE
  • Igniter for 122 mm HE ammunition for BM-21 MLRS
  • Offensive hand grenade
  • Defensive hand grenade with ready blast parts

Company profile

“TEREM – HOLDING” EAD subsidiaries

Sofia, 1839, Vrazhdebna
e-mail: [email protected]
website: https://terem.bg/

7700, Targovishte
31, Alexander Stamboliiski blvd.
e-mail: [email protected]
website: https://terem.bg/
tel.: +359 601 6 41 80
fax: +359 601 6 66 96

9003, Varna, Asparuhovo, “Ladjata”, PO BOX 135
e-mail: [email protected]
website: https://krz-fa.com
tel.: +359 52 814 410
fax: +359 52 814 400

5000, Veliko Tarnovo, Dalga laka Industrial zone
e-mail: [email protected]
website: https://ivailo.com
tel.: +359 62 600796
fax: +359 62 623527

2030, Kostenec
1, Han Isperih str.
e-mail: [email protected]
website: https://terem.bg


“TEREM – HOLDING” EAD has implemented a system for quality management, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and its subsidiaries are NATO AQAP 2110 certified.


Terem SHC

Terem–Holding EAD
12 Ivan Vazov Street, 4th floor
Sredets district
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359/2/806 2755
Fax: +359/2/946 5585

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