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Plamen Peshev
Executive director


KINTEX Share Holding Company was established in 1966. The company has more than 55 years of experience in foreign trading with the entire range of military products and defense technologies.

KINTEX is 100% Government Company subordinated to the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY OF REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA.

In the first two decades since the company’s establishment the Bulgarian defense industry has developed intensively, and has produced a wide range of high quality products as demanded within the framework of the former Warsaw Pact. Since the 1990s the portfolio was further expanded – the export list is being continuously updated with new advanced products developed in Bulgaria. Most of them comply with the ex-Soviet armament standards, increasing number of items, however, are produced according to NATO norms and regulations.

Main products
The main activity of Kintex is supply with military equipment to all branches and services of the Armed Forces, including:
  • Armament, ammunition, surveillance equipment
  • Communication, radar and localization equipment
  • Upgrade, maintenance and repair of tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and aircrafts
  • Spare parts for а wide range of military systems
  • System engineering, project management, technical assistance and technology transfer
  • Training and training devices

All our products and projects are specifically designed, and intended to operate within a wide range of geographical locations and climatic conditions.

Traditions and experience
For more than 55 years Kintex has been involved in trade with defense equipment, technical assistance and technology transfer, and has completed numerous contracts with countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. The quality of our products is worldwide recognized.

International cooperation
Kintex traditionally maintains friendly relations and trusted partnership with governmental
institutions, army and police forces commands from all over the world.


The company has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, TUV Rheinland.


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66 “James Bourchier” Blvd.
1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359/2/ 866 23 11
Fax: +359/2/ 963 11 23

[email protected]

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