In 2019 members of the Bulgarian Defense Industry Association have been successful in their activities

In 2019 members of the Bulgarian Defense Industry Association have been successful in their activities

In 2019 members of the Bulgarian Defense Industry Association have been successful in their activities 400 300 dazzlework


The past 2019 has presented us with a number of challenges, overcoming them that have made us stronger and more innovative in all aspects of our business. Members of the Association “Bulgarian Defense Industry” successfully continued the trend in recent years to be leaders in their respective market niches, not only in the international market for defense products and services, but also in many of the sectors underpinning the socio-economic development.

For example, during the past year a number of new products and systems were developed and successfully implemented by the companies.

The largest employer in Bulgaria – ARSENAL AD, Kazanlak, with more than 9000 employees, only in 2019 has implemented into production 19 new products, with 135 innovative projects included in the Product and Technological Update Plan for the year.

DUNARIT AD introduced modern laser cutting technologies (based on 3D technologies) and a mechanized line for machining heavy body parts.

During the year, MARS Armor Ltd. created new lightweight ballistic systems, achieving an optimum weight of 2.8 kg for a Level IV plate, and 1.6 kg for a Level III ++ plate, as well as implementing a camera and screen system to replaced the traditional ballistic viewfinder of selected MARS Armor shield designs.

MTG Dolphin AD commissioned the Bahamas Blue Eco Tanker for the transportation of light fuel, which has an unlimited navigation area and the highest class of automation.

OPTIX AD created:

  • OPTIX X-Core, latest generation thermal imaging module based on high-tech hardware solutions;
  • OPTIX BidentifieR 100E, single-channel non-cooled thermal imaging binocular;
  • OPTIX DayBreaker LR HD neXt 750, high resolution megapixel camera;
  • OPTIX GUARD series of multi-sensor systems.

OPTICOELECTRON GROUP AD continues the successful development of the program from 2018 in the amount of BGN 375,000.

SAMEL-90 AD has successfully completed the development of an integrated drone detection and interference system and GPS interference device. One of the newest productions of the company is the family of light armored vehicles with B6 and Stanag 4569 level II protection level. The company has mastered and uses in its activity technologies such as: technology for ballistic steel welding processes; for ballistic steel machining; new LED street and park lighting and more. Samel-90 is the largest defense electronics company in the country.

HIGH TECH IMS Ltd. has developed and successfully implemented on the international market a hydro-acoustic system – buoy, for underwater exploration of marine spaces at depths up to 150 m. Created a family of jammers against underwater communications is at the forefront of the international market in this type and class systems.

On the other hand, the members of the Association are also in the leading ranks in the country in investments in production capacities:

In this direction, in the period 2015-2019, Arsenal AD invested over BGN 120 million in the construction and equipment of production buildings and facilities, warehouses and modernization of the existing production base. Including:

  • buildings and constructions – BGN 45 million;
  • machinery, equipment, vehicles and other manufacturing assets – BGN 75 million.

Development and innovation over the same period have been spent BGN 6 million.

Companies invested in machinery, equipment and buildings during the year as follows:

  • DUNARIT AD – BGN 3 million;
  • MARS Armor Ltd. – BGN 300 000 (in 2018 investments reach BGN 3.5 million)

In 2019, the most serious investment project of OPTIX is the construction of a new production base in the Industrial zone of Bozhurishte worth over BGN 3 million, which is planned to start a metalworking workshop and its accompanying warehouse. The company has successfully started two more projects – section “Microprisms” worth 800,000 BGN and construction of a plant for saturation of electronic boards in Plovdiv.

After the privatization of the company, the investments of SAMEL-90 AD have already reached BGN 80 million.

Last but not least, the commitment of company executives to training and upgrading of personnel on the one hand, but on the other hand, the preparation of personnel for secondary and / or higher education, should be noted.

For example, ARCUS AD upgrades the qualification of its employees at Vasil Levski Defence University, Veliko Turnovo and Technical University in Gabrovo.

ARSENAL AD invests in staff through large-scale programs for training and realization of young people – both in the so-called “dual training” for students, as well as the training and stimulation of specialists under student scholarship contracts. In the current 2019, 245 students-scholarship students of Arsenal AD are trained, for which preparation the company has paid over BGN 400 thousand.

DUNARIT AD invests in 20 fellows in technical specialties at the Angel Kanchev Regional University and 12 young people with dual training in secondary vocational schools.

MTG-Dolphin AD finances annually and gratuitously St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki Professional High School, Beloslav, providing transport, equipped training facilities, materials, tools, supplies and work clothes for training. The students of the high school are provided with work in the enterprise in the profession and specialty they have completed.

Finally, it should be noted that companies are actively involved in a number of regional and national initiatives, such as social events and events in the fields of sports and tourism, etc. and with their commitment they contribute to their successful conduct and future development.

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